They sold every single one of their organs in exchange for a fast food delivery. It seems unreasonable now, but at the time it was the only choice. Underneath the inflatable palm trees at the swimming pool, beside a very large other reality portal.
"How many inflatable palm trees did you buy when you were in the Southern Tropic?"
"1,000. A few of them were of limited edition pink colouration, so I had to go for it."
"That's... Really stupid. I wouldn't do it."
"Wine glasses."
I put on the wine glasses so that I could see the sea on an autumn evening. The gibbons with their cat companions came and sat nearby in order to better enjoy the view and tend to the genetic crops: a very worthy cause, without an atmosphere things can die easily.
One day we went up to the Meadow Mountain and had a special lunch so that a sky king could come down from the clouds and eat the rain forest. Of course, it was jelly so it was alright.
We watched the sky king, but he didn't move for a week so we gave up and went home. The airport was very quiet on that weekend for some reason, there was discounted ice cream in plastic arteries and the flight tickets were better than half price:
"This is a good luck!"


Rose, Lemons, Okra, or Goutweed
Embassy Tea Gallery
London, 2015

Sounds Like
IMT Gallery
London, 2015

Dark Waters
Dilston Grove (CGP)
London, 2016

Good Night Film Club
London, 2018

Reflection 2018: British and Chinese Contemporary
San Mei Gallery
London, 2018